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AVP Meeting Owl / Meeting Owl Pro

Introducing the Meeting Owl & Meeting Owl Pro, the all-in-one video conferencing solution for conference rooms. Easy plug and play works with Zoom and many other web conferencing platforms.By adding a Meeting Owl Pro to any conference room, your space is now equipped to become a Smart Meeting Room. 

AVP Meeting Owl

AVP's cost effective Meeting Owl option make any breakout room immersive. Best for huddle rooms and smaller spaces.


AVP Meeting Owl Pro

AVP's most premium Meeting Owl experience with the highest resolution and best sound. Enabled for Smart Meeting Rooms.


The best experience for teams

Work together, wherever that may be. The Meeting Owl better connects you to your remote workers, satellite offices, and distant colleagues.

See and hear everything as if you're there

No more 'can you hear me now' conversations. See and hear everything so you can focus on the conversation and forget the tech.

Simplest setup

Just connect to your computer via USB and meet. The all-in-one Meeting Owl combines your mic, camera, and speaker in one device to keep things simple as they should be.The Meeting Owl's single lens provides a full view of the room without any moving parts or image stitching. The eight-microphone array allows everyone within a 12" diameter to be heard. Beamforming technology adjusts focus to the person speaking and noise/ echo cancellations ensure you hear the important things and not the ambient sounds.

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